Friday, February 21, 2020


9-Month Best Funds
Sym Name Last Change Percent 9-Month
Last Update
MAJ732.CFRivemont Alpha Fund Series I10.82+0.12+1.08%+166.24%02/13/20
MAJ730.CFRivemont Alpha Fund Series A10.61+0.08+0.81%+164.60%02/13/20
MAJ734.CFRivemont Alpha Fund Series B10.61+0.09+0.82%+156.34%02/13/20
MAJ731.CFRivemont Alpha Fund Series F10.62+0.09+0.83%+133.72%02/13/20
NPP497.CFNinepoint Silver Equities Class FU$5.42+0.03+0.50%+60.92%02/20/20
JHN7174.CFBMO Canadian Growers Barrier Prinarnts S31F - NL157.37-0.95-0.60%+60.62%02/20/20
JHN7167.CFBMO Canadian Growers Barrier Prinatrisknts S29F-164.28-0.95-0.58%+60.09%02/20/20
NPP496.CFNinepoint Silver Equities Class A U$5.01+0.02+0.49%+59.63%02/20/20
NPP423.CFNinepoint Silver Equities Class F - NL7.18+0.05+0.75%+58.58%02/20/20
NPP422.CFNinepoint Silver Equities Class A6.64+0.05+0.74%+57.31%02/20/20
NPP421.CFNinepoint Silver Equities Class A - FE6.64+0.05+0.74%+57.31%02/20/20
JHN7181.CFBMO Canadian Growers Barrier Prinarisnts S33F -147.20-0.85-0.58%+56.05%02/20/20
JHN7205.CFBMO Canadian Growers Barrier Prinarisnts S37F -144.32-0.84-0.58%+55.85%02/20/20
NPP419.CFNinepoint Silver Equities Class D12.11+0.09+0.75%+55.55%02/20/20
JHN7173.CFBMO Canadian Growers Barrier Prinatrisknts S30-D147.75-0.80-0.54%+55.21%02/20/20
JHN7195.CFBMO Canadian Growers Barrier Prinatrisknts S35F-143.23-0.83-0.58%+55.20%02/20/20
NBC3232.CFNbc Auto Callable Ns CDN Gold Sector 12/03/19 -D100.00+1.00+1.01%+54.92%12/03/19
JHN7166.CFBMO Canadian Growers Barrier Prinarnts S28 - DSC153.78-0.80-0.52%+54.75%02/20/20
MFC2547.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series F U$ - NL38.24-0.23-0.59%+54.21%02/20/20
MFC4695.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series D U$ - FE14.85-0.09-0.59%+53.77%02/20/20
PHN9032.CFRBC Global Precious Metals Fund Series O55.81-0.12-0.21%+53.65%02/20/20
RBF235.CFRBC Global Precious Metals Fund Series O - NL55.81-0.12-0.21%+53.65%02/20/20
MFC6752.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series Pw U$ - F13.53-0.08-0.59%+53.33%02/20/20
LON7050.CFLon Prec Metals (M) 75/75 (Ps2) - FE14.95+0.41+2.81%+53.08%02/19/20
LON7850.CFLon Prec Metals (M) 100/100 (Ps2) - FE14.95+0.41+2.81%+53.08%02/19/20
LON7450.CFLon Prec Metals (M) 75/100 (Ps2) - FE14.95+0.41+2.81%+53.08%02/19/20
MFC3520.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series A U$ - DS47.12-0.28-0.59%+53.04%02/20/20
MFC3521.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series A U$ - LL47.12-0.28-0.59%+53.04%02/20/20
MFC2546.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series A U$ - FE47.12-0.28-0.59%+53.04%02/20/20
MFC7088.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series A U$ - LL47.12-0.28-0.59%+53.04%02/20/20
MAX2329.CFQuadrus Mackenzie Precious Metals Class N Ser -17.53-0.06-0.35%+52.76%02/20/20
MFC8055.CFMackenzie US Growth Class Series T515.27-0.07-0.46%+52.74%02/20/20
MFC6090.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series Pwx - FE14.91-0.05-0.35%+52.69%02/20/20
MFC1454.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series O - FE57.49-0.20-0.35%+52.65%02/20/20
RBF614.CFRBC Global Precious Metals Fund Series F - NL56.33-0.12-0.22%+52.58%02/20/20
RBF1038.CFRBC Global Precious Metals Fund Series D - NL51.88-0.11-0.22%+52.24%02/20/20
PHN9538.CFRBC Global Precious Metals Fund Series D - NL51.88-0.11-0.22%+52.24%02/20/20
IGI1419.CFIG Mackenzie Global Precious Metals Class U - NL20.74-0.08-0.39%+52.10%02/20/20
MFC6909.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series Pwfb - NL11.49-0.04-0.35%+51.93%02/20/20
MFC1352.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series F - NL50.70-0.18-0.35%+51.92%02/20/20
MAX7129.CFQuadrus Mackenzie Precious Metals Class Hw - NL14.98-0.05-0.35%+51.86%02/20/20
MAX6729.CFQuadrus Mackenzie Precious Metals Class Qfw - NL14.97-0.05-0.35%+51.74%02/20/20
MFC4913.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series Fb - NL19.95-0.07-0.35%+51.69%02/20/20
MAX2129.CFQuadrus Mackenzie Precious Metals Class H Ser -16.06-0.06-0.35%+51.67%02/20/20
MAX6229.CFQuadrus Mackenzie Precious Metals Class Qf Ser -9.77-0.03-0.35%+51.51%02/20/20
BGI006.CF*Ishares S&P/Tsx Global Gold Index ETF (Xgd)17.09+0.01+0.07%+51.50%02/20/20
MFC4638.CFMackenzie Precious Metals Class Series D - FE19.68-0.07-0.36%+51.49%02/20/20
LON5050.CFLondon Life Precious Metals (M) 75/75 (Pp) - FE14.17+0.39+2.81%+51.34%02/19/20
RBF865.CFRBC Global Precious Metals Fund Advisor Series-D46.82-0.10-0.22%+51.31%02/20/20
RBF178.CFRBC Global Precious Metals Fund Advisor Series-L46.82-0.10-0.22%+51.31%02/20/20
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