Thursday, October 17, 2019


New 52 Week Lows
Sym Name 52-Wk
Last Change Percent Last Update
PFC5809.CFPurpose Special Opportunities Fund Series X - LL2.132.12-0.02-0.95%10/16/19
PFC5808.CFPurpose Special Opportunities Fund Series Y - FE2.152.15-0.02-0.96%10/16/19
PFC5801.CFPurpose Special Opportunities Fund Series F - NL2.282.27-0.02-0.95%10/16/19
ANF020.CFAlphanorth Resource Fund Series A - NL3.143.14-0.17-5.10%10/16/19
ANF040.CFAlphanorth Resource Fund Series B - 0403.263.26-0.17-5.07%10/16/19
ANF021.CFAlphanorth Resource Fund Series F - 0213.393.39-0.18-5.09%10/16/19
CIG959.CFCovington Fund II Series II (Lsvcc)3.673.67-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
CIG957.CFCovington Fund II Series II (Lsvcc)3.673.67-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
CIG960.CFCovington Fund II Series II (Lsvcc)3.673.67-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
CIG958.CFCovington Fund II Series II (Lsvcc)3.673.67-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
CIG912.CFCovington Fund II (Lsvcc) Series I3.863.86-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
CIG981.CFCovington Fund II (Lsvcc)3.863.86-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
CIG980.CFCovington Fund II (Lsvcc)3.863.86-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
CIG982.CFCovington Fund II (Lsvcc)3.863.86-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
CIG910.CFCovington Fund II (Lsvcc)3.863.86-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
CIG961.CFCovington Fund II (Lsvcc)3.863.86-0.01-0.26%10/11/19
MAJ107.CFMajestic Global Diversified Fund Class P4.674.67-0.10-2.08%10/10/19
MID127.CFMiddlefield Global Energy Class Series A - LL4.934.91-0.02-0.41%10/16/19
MID125.CFMiddlefield Global Energy Class Series A - FE4.934.91-0.02-0.41%10/16/19
MID130.CFMiddlefield Global Energy Class Series A - DSC4.934.91-0.02-0.41%10/16/19
VRT103.CFVertex Managed Value Portfolio Class B - DSC5.195.19-0.08-1.58%09/30/19
VRT102.CFVertex Managed Value Portfolio Class B - FE5.195.19-0.08-1.58%09/30/19
LGQ555.CFKawartha Energy Opportunities Fund Series F5.215.21-0.36-6.38%10/10/19
LGQ550.CFKawartha Energy Opportunities Fund Series B5.345.34-0.03-0.47%09/30/19
MID126.CFMiddlefield Global Energy Class Series F - NL5.525.49-0.02-0.41%10/16/19
CIG563T5.CFHarbour Global Equity Corporate Class It5 - NL5.795.79unchunch10/16/19
RCP301.CFRoundtable Growth Fund Class B7.007.00-0.71-9.21%09/30/19
FHC301.CFFieldhouse Second Phase US Systematic L/S Equ D7.127.12-0.18-2.48%09/30/19
ATS2653.CFInvesco Canadian Bond Fund - FE7.247.24-0.00-0.03%10/16/19
ATS2651.CFInvesco Canadian Bond Fund - DSC7.247.24-0.00-0.03%10/16/19
FHC311.CFFieldhouse Second Phase US Sys L/S Equ D Fb7.387.38-0.18-2.40%09/30/19
CIG989T8.CFSelect Income Managed Corporate Class Wt8 - NL7.387.38unchunch10/16/19
CIG18425.CFSignature Global Bond Corporate Class Ot8 - NL7.597.59unchunch10/16/19
LGQ600.CFKawartha High Conviction Resource Fund Series B7.667.66-0.35-4.36%10/10/19
CIG535T5.CFHarbour Corporate Class It5 - NL7.777.77unchunch10/16/19
LGQ601.CFKawartha High Conviction Resource Fund Series F8.198.19-0.37-4.34%10/10/19
RCP311.CFRoundtable Growth Fund Class F8.388.38-0.84-9.13%09/30/19
CIG462.CFCovington Venture Fund Series Vii - DSC8.408.40-0.01-0.18%10/11/19
GVC325.CFGlobevest Capital Secured Put Writing Fd Series8.558.55unchunch08/12/19
CIG465.CFCovington Venture Fund Series ViII - DSC8.578.57-0.02-0.17%10/11/19
CIG466.CFCovington Venture Fund Series Ix - DSC8.598.59-0.02-0.18%10/11/19
CIG534T5.CFCI Canadian Investment Corporate Class It5 - NL8.878.87unchunch10/16/19
CIG980T8.CFSelect 100E Managed Portfolio Corporate Class Wt8.938.93unchunch10/16/19
CIG053T8.CFCI Global High Dividend Advantage Corp Cl It8 -8.938.93unchunch10/16/19
SPA901.CFPerisen Life Settlements Limited Partnership II9.029.02-0.33-3.55%09/17/19
CIG81525.CFCI Global High Dividend Advantage Corp Cl F1T5 -9.219.21unchunch08/02/19
ATL3424.CFRenaissance Ultra Short-Term Income Pr Pl N-Pre-9.269.26unchunch10/16/19
ATL3425.CFRenaissance Ultra Short-Term Income Pr Pl F-Pre-9.269.26unchunch10/16/19
SBH131.CFYorkville Long Term Healthcare Fund Class F - NL9.579.57unchunch08/30/19
CIG464T5.CFSignature Global Equity Corporate Class Ft5 - NL9.589.58unchunch10/16/19
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