Saturday, December 14, 2019


New 52 Week Highs
Sym Name 52-Wk
Last Change Percent Last Update
NBC3610.CFNbc Linear Ns CDN Mkt Ex-En & Ex-Mat F 102820 -151.61151.61unchunch11/28/19
NBC1977.CFNbc Expedition Ns (Buf) American Mkt 031522U$ -D151.57151.57+0.14+0.09%12/13/19
NBC2809.CFNbc Marathon Ns American Market F 05/26/2021 - N149.26149.26unchunch12/13/19
NBC1850.CFNbc Sprint Ns (Nb) Emerging Markets 01/13/2021-D149.11149.11+0.16+0.11%12/13/19
NBC2806.CFNbc Bonus Ns Canadian Market 09/21/2020 - DSC148.28148.28+0.25+0.17%12/13/19
JHN1758.CFBMO U.S. Enhanced Buffer Prinarnts Bpb S22 U$ -D147.98147.98+0.05+0.03%12/13/19
NBC1295.CFNbc Marathon Ns American Market 03/05/2021 U$ -D147.86147.86+0.16+0.11%12/13/19
JHN1064.CFBMO Harris Investment Management Pvt Pf 10Y S4-D146.91146.91unchunch12/13/19
JHN1078.CFBMO Harris Investment Management Pvt Pf 10Ys7-Ds146.14146.14unchunch12/13/19
FRC016.CFRussell Inv Overseas Equity Fund Class O - NL145.60145.60+1.12+0.78%12/13/19
JHN1766.CFBMO US Enhanced Buffer Bpb S28145.59145.59+0.05+0.03%12/13/19
GCG462.CFGuardian U.S. Equity Select Fund Series I145.35145.35+0.28+0.20%12/13/19
MAC616.CFAlternative Asset Trust Class F145.25145.25+0.26+0.18%11/29/19
NBC2309.CFNbc Marathon Ns American Market 07/12/2021 - DSC144.06144.06unchunch12/13/19
NBC2535.CFNbc Marathon (A) Ns American Market F07/18/22U$-143.99143.99+0.11+0.08%12/13/19
JHN8796.CFBMO European Autocallable Prinatrisknts S73 F -142.79142.79+1.03+0.73%12/13/19
JHN1813.CFBMO U.S. Equity Blue Chip Growth Prodnts S4 U$-D142.61142.61+0.42+0.30%12/13/19
NBC1299.CFNbc Marathon Ns American Market 04/27/2021 - DSC142.40142.40+0.02+0.01%12/13/19
NBC2306.CFNbc Marathon Ns American Market 06/18/2021 - DSC142.00142.00+0.01+0.01%12/13/19
JHN8054.CFBMO Canadian Q-Model Principal At Risk Nt S20A-D141.81141.81+0.65+0.46%12/13/19
JHN8067.CFBMO Canadian Q-Model Principal At Risk NTS S23F-141.02141.02+0.65+0.46%12/13/19
NBC2303.CFNbc Marathon Ns American Market 03/05/2021 - DSC140.88140.88+0.01+0.01%12/13/19
JHN1864.CFBMO American Equity Growth Prvt Class Pdn S1U$-D140.84140.84+0.19+0.14%12/13/19
NBC1677.CFNbc Bonus Ns SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust 01/14/20U$-D140.18140.18+0.08+0.06%12/13/19
NBC1681.CFNbc Bonus Ns Canadian Market 12/23/2019139.51139.51+0.03+0.02%12/13/19
POL322.CFPolar Multi-Strategy Fund (Canada) Class F - NL139.27139.27+0.78+0.56%11/29/19
NBC2715.CFNbc Bonus Twostep Ns Euro Stoxx 50 Ix 04/21/20-D138.38138.38+0.28+0.20%12/13/19
AMG350.CFAventine Canadia Equity Fund Class F137.62137.62+8.32+6.44%11/29/19
NBC2710.CFNbc Bonus Twostep Ns Euro Stoxx 50 Ix 02/10/20-D137.51137.51+0.13+0.09%12/13/19
NBC2712.CFNbc Bonus Twostep Ns EUR Stx 50 Idx 02/19/2020-D137.11137.11+0.21+0.15%12/13/19
JHN8335.CFBMO Canadian Boosted Barrier Prin At Risk NTS S4137.00137.00unchunch12/13/19
JHN8287.CFBMO European Boosted Barrier Prinatrisknts S27-D136.82136.82+0.54+0.40%12/13/19
NBC2319.CFNbc Marathon Ns North American Mkts 11/01/2021-D135.96135.96+0.16+0.12%12/13/19
NBC2714.CFNbc Bonus Twostep Ns Euro Stoxx 50 Ix 03/24/20-D135.14135.14+0.52+0.39%12/13/19
JHN8802.CFBMO European Autocallable Prin At Risk NTS S74-D135.06135.06+0.85+0.63%12/13/19
JHN1165.CFBMO Harris Investment Management Pvt Pf 12Ys11-D135.06135.06unchunch12/13/19
HIL135.CFHillsdale Global Equity Fund Ser I CA$ (U$H) -Nl134.99134.99+0.53+0.39%12/13/19
NBC1689.CFNbc Bonus Ns American Markets 04/15/2021 - DSC134.99134.99+0.07+0.05%12/13/19
LGC103.CFLionguard Opportunities Fund Class F - NL134.97134.97+11.18+9.03%11/29/19
JHN7124.CFBMO U.S. Twin Win Buffer Prin At Ris NTS S10Fu$-133.66133.66+0.05+0.04%12/13/19
AMG250.CFAventine Canadian Equity Fund Class A133.30133.30+7.95+6.34%11/29/19
NBC1684.CFNbc Bonus Ns Canadian Market 07/13/2020 - DSC133.23133.23+0.08+0.06%12/13/19
JHN1867.CFBMO Canadian Equity Principal Prot Dep NTS S38-D133.03133.03+3.07+2.36%12/13/19
JHN1138.CFBMO Harris Investment Management Pvt Pt 12Ys9 -D132.20132.20unchunch12/13/19
NBC2810.CFNbc Bonus Ns Canadian Market F 04/22/2020 - NL132.14132.14+0.05+0.04%12/13/19
JHN8385.CFBMO U.S. Equity Boosted Barrier Parn S61 U$ - DS131.97131.97+0.11+0.08%12/13/19
NBC2831.CFNbc Bonus Ns Euro Stoxx 50 Index F 06/04/2021 -131.78131.78+1.09+0.83%12/13/19
JHN8815.CFBMO European Autocallable Prinatrisknts S78 F -131.56131.56+1.85+1.43%12/13/19
NBC2149.CFNbc Bonus (Booster) Ns American Mkt F08/15/2022-130.50130.50+0.04+0.03%12/13/19
JHN8334.CFBMO Canadian Boosted Barrier Prinatrisknts S44-D130.00130.00unchunch12/13/19
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