Thursday, October 17, 2019


3-Month Worst Funds
Sym Name Last Change Percent 3-Month
Last Update
NBC1455.CFNbc Global Blue Chip II Deposit Notes S23 - DSC100.00-99.38-49.84%-49.48%09/06/19
MAT802.CFMatco Small Cap Fund - O9.49+0.01+0.09%-40.50%10/16/19
NBC1609.CFNbc Canadian Blue Chip III Deposit Notes S30 - D100.00+1.00+1.01%-40.46%09/06/19
MAT801.CFMatco Small Cap Fund - F9.47+0.01+0.09%-39.15%10/16/19
MAJ710.CFRivemont Crypto Fund Series A - NL2.78+0.02+0.84%-31.96%10/10/19
MAJ711.CFRivemont Crypto Fund Series F - NL2.91+0.02+0.86%-31.76%10/10/19
MAT800.CFMatco Small Cap Fund - A9.47+0.01+0.09%-29.96%10/16/19
NBC1947.CFNbc Auto Cal Cont Roc Ns CDN Engy Sec F 081919 -62.35+1.00+1.63%-29.52%08/19/19
RCP301.CFRoundtable Growth Fund Class B7.00-0.71-9.21%-28.54%09/30/19
RCP311.CFRoundtable Growth Fund Class F8.38-0.84-9.13%-28.35%09/30/19
PFC5809.CFPurpose Special Opportunities Fund Series X - LL2.12-0.02-0.95%-27.81%10/16/19
PFC5808.CFPurpose Special Opportunities Fund Series Y - FE2.15-0.02-0.96%-27.81%10/16/19
PFC5801.CFPurpose Special Opportunities Fund Series F - NL2.27-0.02-0.95%-27.71%10/16/19
TIQ111.CF3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund Class A U$6.39-0.21-3.18%-26.38%10/16/19
TIQ113.CF3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund Class I U$6.43-0.21-3.18%-26.29%10/16/19
PFC4200.CFMarijuana Opportunities Fund Series A18.90-0.24-1.28%-26.08%10/16/19
NBC3313.CFNbc Auto Callable Ns American Engy Sec 011020 -D49.23-0.40-0.81%-25.93%10/16/19
NBC3310.CFNbc Auto Callable Ns Amer Energy Sec F01/02/20 -48.92-0.39-0.79%-25.87%10/16/19
PFC4201.CFMarijuana Opportunities Fund Series F19.35-0.25-1.28%-25.85%10/16/19
TIQ101.CF3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund Class A7.13-0.24-3.21%-25.52%10/16/19
TIQ103.CF3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund Class I7.88-0.26-3.21%-25.43%10/16/19
JHN9356.CFBMO Oil & Gas Step-Down Autocallable Parn S361-D52.79-0.40-0.76%-25.42%10/16/19
JHN9280.CFBMO Oil & Gas Step-Down Autocallable Parn S311F-49.66-0.33-0.66%-23.90%10/16/19
FBCBT.CF3iQ Bitcoin Trust17.07-0.48-2.72%-23.87%10/16/19
JHN9279.CFBMO Oil & Gas Step-Down Autocallable Parn S310-D49.66-0.33-0.65%-23.31%10/16/19
LGQ555.CFKawartha Energy Opportunities Fund Series F5.21-0.36-6.38%-22.04%10/10/19
JHN9297.CFBMO Oil & Gas Callable Income Prinarnts S177 - D56.62-0.47-0.82%-21.98%10/16/19
JHN9247.CFBMO Oil & Gas Step-Down Autocallable Parn S289F-47.68-0.30-0.63%-21.78%10/16/19
LGQ600.CFKawartha High Conviction Resource Fund Series B7.66-0.35-4.36%-21.76%10/10/19
JHN9246.CFBMO Oil & Gas Step-Down Autocallable Parn S288-D47.68-0.30-0.63%-21.46%10/16/19
JHN6504.CFBMO Canadian Energy Callable Equ Roc Parn S172F-59.18-0.42-0.71%-21.35%10/16/19
LGQ601.CFKawartha High Conviction Resource Fund Series F8.19-0.37-4.34%-20.70%10/10/19
JHN6430.CFBMO Canadian Energy Callable Equ Inc Parn S473F-62.01-0.42-0.67%-20.62%10/16/19
JHN6428.CFBMO Canadian Energy Autocallable Parnts S626F -64.11-0.41-0.63%-20.37%10/16/19
JHN6429.CFBMO Canadian Energy Callable Equ Inc Parn S472-D60.52-0.40-0.65%-20.32%10/16/19
JHN6427.CFBMO Canadian Energy Autocallable Parnts S625 - D62.98-0.38-0.61%-19.74%10/16/19
MAT702.CFMatco Canadian Equity Fund Series O - NL10.08-0.01-0.11%-19.44%10/16/19
SPA765.CFLibertas Real Asset Opportunities Fund Cl Usxf -2.13+0.12+6.13%-18.35%08/30/19
SPA751.CFLibertas Real Asset Opportunities Fund Class A -2.55+0.15+6.08%-18.11%08/30/19
LGQ550.CFKawartha Energy Opportunities Fund Series B5.34-0.03-0.47%-18.06%09/30/19
SPA761.CFLibertas Real Asset Opportunities Fund Class F -2.30+0.13+6.18%-17.80%08/30/19
RPDF402.CFRP Select Opportunities Fund Series F 02 2018 -10.38-0.03-0.28%-17.76%08/30/19
CHO408.CFChou Bond Fund Series A U$ - FE4.58-0.00-0.07%-17.40%10/16/19
CHO412.CFChou Bond Fund Series F U$ - NL4.67-0.00-0.06%-17.36%10/16/19
MAJ200.CFMajestic Evolution Fund Series A144.85-0.70-0.48%-17.33%10/10/19
MAJ203.CFMajestic Evolution Fund Series S160.16-0.70-0.44%-16.82%10/10/19
NBC1771.CFNbc Fixed Roc Ns Canadian Energy Sect 02/25/20-D67.50-0.84-1.23%-16.77%10/16/19
VRT303.CFVertex Fund Class B - DSC4.97+0.03+0.60%-16.68%09/30/19
VRT302.CFVertex Fund Class B - FE4.97+0.03+0.60%-16.68%09/30/19
NEC213.CFNext Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund Class A - FE7.66-0.03-0.39%-16.68%10/16/19
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