Tuesday, February 18, 2020


3-Month Best Funds
Sym Name Last Change Percent 3-Month
Last Update
MFC8055.CFMackenzie US Growth Class Series T515.35+0.11+0.71%+53.49%02/14/20
TIQ113.CF3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund Class I U$9.15+0.32+3.60%+31.71%02/14/20
TIQ103.CF3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund Class I11.25+0.38+3.51%+31.71%02/14/20
TIQ101.CF3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund Class A10.18+0.34+3.51%+31.55%02/14/20
TIQ111.CF3iQ Global Cryptoasset Fund Class A U$9.08+0.32+3.60%+31.55%02/14/20
JHN6349.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S583 U$100.00+0.47+0.47%+24.47%12/06/19
JHN6362.CFBMO Canadian Banks Autocallable Prinarnts S591-D100.00+0.48+0.48%+24.32%12/09/19
DYN1335.CFDynamic Global Growth Opportunities F1(Capped)-4.48+0.21+4.87%+24.12%02/14/20
DYN1339.CFDynamic Global Growth Opportunitiesf2(Capped) -4.95+0.23+4.87%+24.06%02/14/20
DYN2384.CFDynamic Global Growth Opportunities Fund Fc - NL81.13+3.77+4.87%+24.00%02/14/20
DYN2386.CFDynamic Global Growth Opportunities Fund C - DSC33.61+1.56+4.85%+23.67%02/14/20
DYN2385.CFDynamic Global Growth Opportunities Fund C- Fe33.61+1.56+4.85%+23.67%02/14/20
DYN2389.CFDynamic Global Growth Opportunities Fund C - Lsc33.61+1.56+4.85%+23.67%02/14/20
DYN1332.CFDynamic Power Hedge Fund Series A1 (Capped)- Fe3.97+0.18+4.85%+23.65%02/14/20
DYN1334.CFDynamic Power Hedge Fund Series A1 (Capped)- Dsc3.97+0.18+4.85%+23.65%02/14/20
DYN1333.CFDynamic Power Hedge Fund Series A1 (Capped) - LL3.97+0.18+4.85%+23.65%02/14/20
DYN1336.CFDynamic Global Growth Opportunities Fund A2- Fe4.40+0.20+4.87%+23.63%02/14/20
DYN1337.CFDynamic Global Growth Opportunities Fund A2- LL4.40+0.20+4.87%+23.63%02/14/20
DYN1338.CFDynamic Global Growth Opportunities Fund A2 - DS4.40+0.20+4.87%+23.63%02/14/20
FID6017.CFFidelity Global Innovators Currency Neu Cl P5 -15.28+0.02+0.14%+22.12%02/14/20
FID6134.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P5 U$- N12.06+0.02+0.14%+22.12%02/14/20
FID5990.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P5- NL15.98+0.01+0.04%+22.12%02/14/20
FID6133.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P4 U$- N12.05+0.02+0.14%+22.11%02/14/20
FID6015.CFFidelity Gbl Innov Curr Neutral Class P3- NL15.24+0.02+0.14%+22.11%02/14/20
FID6016.CFFidelity Global Innovators Currency Neu Cl P4 -15.27+0.02+0.14%+22.11%02/14/20
FID5989.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P4- NL15.97+0.01+0.04%+22.11%02/14/20
FID6132.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P3 U$- N12.04+0.02+0.14%+22.10%02/14/20
FID5988.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P3- NL15.95+0.01+0.04%+22.09%02/14/20
FID6203.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Ser P3T5 U$ - N20.03+0.03+0.14%+22.09%02/14/20
FID6377.CFFidelity Global Innovators Currency Neu Cl P3T5-23.53+0.03+0.14%+22.08%02/14/20
FID6200.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P3T5 - N26.54+0.01+0.04%+22.08%02/14/20
FID6131.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P2 U$- N12.03+0.02+0.14%+22.07%02/14/20
FID5987.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P2- NL15.94+0.01+0.04%+22.07%02/14/20
FID6014.CFFidelity Gbl Innov Curr Neutral Class P2- NL15.24+0.02+0.14%+22.07%02/14/20
FID6012.CFFidelity Global Innovators Currency Neu Cl P1 -15.21+0.02+0.14%+22.07%02/14/20
FID6376.CFFidelity Global Innovators Currency Neu Cl P2T5-23.51+0.03+0.14%+22.06%02/14/20
FID6199.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P2T5 - N26.52+0.01+0.04%+22.06%02/14/20
FID6202.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P2T5 U$-20.01+0.03+0.14%+22.06%02/14/20
FID5985.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P1- NL15.90+0.01+0.04%+22.04%02/14/20
FID6130.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P1T5 U$-21.77+0.03+0.14%+22.04%02/14/20
FID6129.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P1 U$- N12.00+0.02+0.14%+22.04%02/14/20
FID5986.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series P1T5- Nl28.84+0.01+0.04%+22.03%02/14/20
FID6013.CFFidelity Global Innovators Curr Neut Cl P1T5 - N27.56+0.04+0.14%+22.03%02/14/20
FID6126.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series F U$- Nl11.98+0.02+0.14%+22.02%02/14/20
FID6009.CFFidelity Global Innovators Curr Neut Cl Ser F -15.17+0.02+0.14%+22.02%02/14/20
FID6011.CFFidelity Global Innovators Curr Neut Cl Ser F8 -25.59+0.04+0.14%+22.02%02/14/20
FID5982.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series F- NL15.88+0.01+0.04%+22.01%02/14/20
FID6128.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series F8 U$- N20.29+0.03+0.14%+22.01%02/14/20
FID6010.CFFidelity Global Innovators Curr Neut Cl Ser F5 -27.51+0.04+0.14%+22.01%02/14/20
FID6127.CFFidelity Global Innovators Class Series F5 U$- N21.72+0.03+0.14%+22.01%02/14/20
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