Friday, December 13, 2019


3-Month Best Funds
Sym Name Last Change Percent 3-Month
Last Update
NBC1450.CFNbc Fixed Roc Ns Ish S&P/Tsx 60 Idx F 10/25/19 -135.29+0.63+0.47%+32.73%12/13/19
JHN6316.CFBMO Canadian Banks Autocallable Prinarnts S569-D100.00unchunch+30.26%11/18/19
JHN6702.CFBMO Canadian Banks Autocallable Prinarnts S772F-115.75unchunch+28.65%12/13/19
MMF8395.CFManulife Global Thematic Opportunities Cl Adv -L12.06+0.10+0.84%+28.50%12/13/19
JHN12346.CFBMO Canadian Energy Callable Equ Inc Parn S903F-90.73-0.31-0.34%+25.56%12/13/19
JHN6701.CFBMO Canadian Banks Autocallable Prinarnts S771-D100.00unchunch+25.49%11/18/19
JHN9228.CFBMO Canadian Callable Equity Roc Prinatrnts S153103.57unchunch+25.20%12/13/19
JHN6310.CFBMO European Autocallable Prin At Ris NTS S564-D100.00unchunch+24.74%11/14/19
JHN6349.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S583 U$100.00+0.47+0.47%+24.47%12/06/19
JHN6362.CFBMO Canadian Banks Autocallable Prinarnts S591-D100.00+0.48+0.48%+24.32%12/09/19
JHN6419.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S618F -110.72-1.25-1.11%+22.92%12/13/19
JHN6418.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S617 - D109.61-0.95-0.86%+22.33%12/13/19
JHN6332.CFBMO European Autocallable Prinatrisknts S577U$-D100.00unchunch+21.93%11/18/19
JHN12347.CFBMO Canadian Energy Callable Equ Inc Parn S904-D90.84-0.30-0.33%+21.65%12/13/19
JHN6313.CFBMO European Autocallable Prin At Ris NTS S566F-100.00unchunch+21.42%11/18/19
JHN9227.CFBMO Canadian Callable Equity Roc Patrnts S152 -D103.07unchunch+21.42%12/13/19
JHN6484.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S649F -103.65-1.43-1.36%+21.14%12/13/19
JHN6350.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parn S584F U$ -100.00+0.49+0.50%+20.57%12/09/19
JHN6387.CFBMO European Banks Callable Equ Inc Parn S454F -75.83+0.26+0.35%+20.45%12/13/19
JHN6534.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S671F -104.97-1.12-1.05%+20.30%12/13/19
JHN6483.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S648 - D100.84-1.32-1.30%+20.19%12/13/19
JHN6993.CFBMO Canadian Banks Autocallable Parnts S918 - DS100.00unchunch+20.08%11/14/19
JHN6469.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parn S639 U$ -D103.05-1.32-1.26%+19.74%12/13/19
JHN6334.CFBMO European Banks Callable Equ Inc Parns 430F -70.91+0.19+0.27%+19.70%12/13/19
JHN6828.CFBMO European Banks Callable Equ Inc Parn S640F -85.56+0.26+0.30%+19.69%12/13/19
JHN6342.CFBMO European Autocallableplus Parn S17 - DSC100.00unchunch+19.64%11/29/19
JHN6361.CFBMO Canadian Banks Autocallable Prinarnts S590F-100.00+0.48+0.49%+19.61%12/06/19
JHN6533.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S670 - D104.20-0.94-0.90%+19.42%12/13/19
JHN6411.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S609U$-D115.70+0.03+0.02%+18.75%12/13/19
JHN6333.CFBMO European Banks Callable Equ Inc Parn S429 -D69.43+0.19+0.27%+18.73%12/13/19
JHN6335.CFBMO European Autocallable Prin At Ris NTS S578-D100.00unchunch+18.68%11/29/19
JHN6367.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S596 - D100.00unchunch+18.63%12/13/19
JHN6326.CFBMO European Autocallable Prin At Ris NTS S574-D100.00unchunch+18.37%11/22/19
JHN6090.CFBMO European Banks Callable Equ Inc Parn 306Fu$-72.16+0.29+0.40%+18.34%12/13/19
JHN12311.CFBMO Canadian Energy Autocallable Parnts S1058F -97.70-0.41-0.42%+18.24%12/13/19
JHN6434.CFBMO Canadian Insurance Autocallable Parn S624 -D111.61+7.96+7.68%+18.19%12/13/19
JHN6536.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S673Fu$-113.78-0.71-0.62%+17.99%12/13/19
JHN6561.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S689U$-D105.14-0.79-0.75%+17.81%12/13/19
JHN6583.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S702 - D104.08-0.81-0.77%+17.63%12/13/19
JHN7174.CFBMO Canadian Growers Barrier Prinarnts S31F - NL133.02+0.87+0.65%+17.07%12/13/19
JHN6368.CFBMO U.S. Financials Autocallable Parnts S597F -117.39-0.11-0.09%+17.04%12/13/19
JHN7167.CFBMO Canadian Growers Barrier Prinatrisknts S29F-139.09+0.90+0.65%+16.99%12/13/19
JHN6513.CFBMO Canadian Insurance Autocallable Parn S663 -D112.65+2.52+2.29%+16.72%12/13/19
CIG90324.CFCI Global Health Sciences Corporate Class P U$ -8.25+0.05+0.65%+16.61%12/12/19
JHN6476.CFBMO European Banks Callable Equ Inc Parn S497F U56.84+0.24+0.43%+16.58%12/13/19
JHN6797.CFBMO European Banks Autocallable Prinarnts S820F-90.96+0.16+0.18%+16.53%12/13/19
CIG886.CFCI Global Health Sciences Corporate Class I - NL35.87+0.25+0.69%+16.36%12/12/19
JHN6052.CFBMO European Banks Callable Equ Inc Parn S279F -74.71+0.27+0.36%+16.35%12/13/19
CIG324.CFCI Global Health Sciences Corporate Class F U$ -25.44+0.16+0.65%+16.32%12/12/19
CIG18005.CFCI Global Health Sciences Corporate Class O - NL14.97+0.10+0.69%+16.31%12/12/19
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